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    Hello everone !
    I Purchase Apple IPad Air 32 gb , wifi + 4g Lte in June 2014 .I must candidly confess that I truly witnessed the extreme quality of the product . It was delectably smooth and fast without any lag .It was more than awesome ....
    I Very recently upgraded my iOS to iOS 8 . Fun flew away and regret has darted in . I really regret for having upgraded to iOS 8 . Imagining an Apple device "LAGGING" is actually unimaginable and this is what is happening with my device . It is lagging and has become slow at most of the times .
    Some of of the problems I face are as follows :
    1. Sometimes , when I unlock my device , the screen is never displayed . It remains black (locked) . I will have to press the unlock button several times to unlock it .
    2. The splitting of keyboard in to two for the ease of typing causes lag in the device .
    3. YouTube app has become terribly slow . I have 25 mbps internet speed , but still videos buffer in my YouTube app . This never happened in iOS 7 . I feel that the wifi capacity of my device has turned slow as I experience this while browsing too ...
    4.When I select " define " which appears on Constantly holding a word , it takes at least 10 seconds to define a word . But in iOS 7 , it could define my desired word instantaneously.

    THere are a lot more . I am not complaining about IOS 8 or Apple deivce, but I just want to tell that I feel IOS 8 isn't suiting my device . I am not able to explore the full efficiency of my device after upgrading it . I know that Apple has stopped signing IOS 7 . But still , I feel that I cannot do without IOS 7 . I use my ipad a lot for educational purpose and the lag is terribly frustrating. So, I hereby kindly request the concerned authority to please help me downgrade my iPad to iOS 7 .
    11-03-2014 10:28 PM
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    Hopefully iOS 8.1.1 will fix the problems you are having. By the way, check out the short iMore Blog article regarding the upcoming update via the following link:

    First iOS 8.1.1 beta released to devs with bug fixes and performance improvements | iMore

    Also, don't rule out a bad update. If you haven't already, backup your iPad Air, put it in recovery or DFU mode and have iTunes install a fresh copy of the latest official version of iOS on it. Afterwards, set up the iPad Air as a new device instead of from a backup. Finally, going to Settings - General - Reset and choosing "Reset All Settings" can improve performance. Good luck with whatever you decide to do...
    11-04-2014 01:16 PM

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