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    My question is should I get the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus? I don't mind paying the difference if it's worth it. I like Apple products. I'm not a (comparatively) high tech person, so for the price difference, would a 5s even be a good option? I've had a 4s for 2 yrs. now (under contract) with ATT, so I really don't know a lot about the newer iPhones.

    Thanks for any information you can offer! Btw,battery life is somewhat important to me. Also, does anyone know why ATT is pushing their Next Plan by making it more attractive than a 2yr. contract?
    11-02-2014 01:47 PM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    Hi welcome to iMore, They are all great devices, it's a matter of preference what fits your needs better. The 6+ is Top with the best spec"s and from what I hear the Battery is top. But it is a very large phone. I have the 6, and it works great for me, its smaller than the 6+, but works very well.
    11-02-2014 02:32 PM
  3. pr1nce's Avatar
    Welcome to the iMore community. They're both excellent devices. Take a look at both and see which one you like more. Good luck!
    11-02-2014 02:41 PM

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