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    I have an iPhone 5S and iPad 2 and never had this problem before. I have used the two chargers and two cables multiple times. Both still had a charge when I plugged them into the wall charger. Both have recently updated systems installed. Both were working fine before I updated the system. When I plugged them (different times and different plugs) into the wall, they began to beep with the charge icon flashing on and off.

    Contrary to what was expected, they didn't charge, but totally discharged to the point where they had zero battery even though plugged into the mains. I disconnected and plugged them into my Mac and couldn't get more than the minimum red battery icon to display. After ten minutes or so of no reaction, I finally managed a system reset by pressing and holding down the two buttons - still connected to my Mac.

    Now they are recognised by iTunes and finally beginning to recharge. What can I do to ensure I will be able to recharge in future? Will I always be dependent on having a Mac to hand? Is there another solution?
    10-27-2014 06:51 AM
  2. anon(5140585)'s Avatar
    I had 2 similar scenarios after updating to 8.1. I plugged my 5s in (with stock adapter and cable) and my entire screen would flicker and rapidly scramble. I pulled it out, charged through my laptop, and did a fresh iOS download and restore. I haven't had the problem since.

    I think a lot of problems occur when "updating" through OTA. I fresh install seems to fix several issues everyone faces.
    10-27-2014 07:52 AM

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