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    So the first two days I had my iPhone Bluetooth work fine I could dial from the steering wheel it would pick up the calls and I can talk to people while I drove through the stereo in my car just like it's supposed to. I did not drive the car for a couple of days the next time I got in the car and tried to make a call it would direct the phone called you to the handset and I could not do anything except dial from the steering wheel.

    I messed with it a while before I called AppleCare I tried disconnecting the phone from the car deleting the profile in the car and then deleting the profile for the car from the phone and then obviously hooking up back together nothing helped.

    After that I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with AppleCare trying different things out including syncing my wife's iPhone six to the car and it worked perfectly the technician on the phone noticed that every time we get a network reset that my phone would get a new name originally started out with Nathan's iPhone and then it changed to iPhone and then I changed it manually and when we reset it again it changed back to iPhone.

    He thought this was something that was showing that the phone had an issue with it instead of the Bluetooth in the car originally he was going to have me try and reset the cars computer which I was not really comfortable doing considering it's not my car but account company car. But once he saw that it was changing the name of the phone he agreed that it must be a phone issue.

    They had me do a complete wipe of my phone I restore from a blank image so that it was not working off of an iCloud or iTunes back up once we did that it seem to work properly so I have installed everything back on my phone log and everything again and had at work in the past day or so. This morning I was on it almost all morning while I was stuck in traffic with this different calls this afternoon on my way home I want to call my wife and I was back to the same issue that I mentioned at the top of this.

    Any suggestions? He thought if the issue came up again they would have to replace the phone.

    TLDR; Bluetooth acting wonky
    09-24-2014 05:23 PM
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    I used Siri to post the above. I apologize for the run on sentences and overall messed up words. I blame my children lol.
    09-24-2014 05:26 PM

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