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    Hi, my daughter has been using the Video Star App for a while and saved a few videos. About a week ago, the Icon disappeared from the iPad and I can't find it using the search function. However, when I go to General -> Settings -> Usage, I can see that Video Star App is listed with data assigned to it - around 1.7 GB. Furthermore, when we go to download the App again from the Appstore, it won't allow us to as the download button is grey out. Very Strange. Can anyone suggest a fix?
    09-01-2014 04:32 AM
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    Have you reset the iPad by holding the power and home button until the logo appears?
    Another troubleshooting option would be restore network settings, just in case. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
    If you do that and the problem remains, I suggest plugging it into iTunes and restoring from a backup.

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    09-01-2014 06:04 AM

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