1. iMore Question's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I tried to jailbreak my iPod touch and it worked but when I opened cydia, something popped up saying 'Please wait a moment' (well, I think it said that) and it stayed like that for 20 mins. So I locked my screen and unlocked it and cydia crashed. I then click Cydia and everything worked but I couldn't download any tweaks because I think that thing that popped up got canceled. So I tried to reset my iPod to factory settings and now it's stuck on the animated loading icon.

    Please help!
    08-12-2014 12:09 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    My device is not and has never been jailbroken. Having said that, from the "little" I know about jailbreaking, I'd like to think that you can restore your iPod via iTunes and then re-jailbreak it.
    08-12-2014 09:16 AM

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