1. iMore Question's Avatar
    hi,we found an ifone here in lanzarote and wish to return it to owner...........
    08-08-2014 02:17 AM
  2. kataran's Avatar
    Thanks for your Honesty

    Bring it to your local police station
    08-08-2014 07:02 AM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Before doing anything, notify the police about the found item. If found at a hotel or store, alert the manager, just in case.

    1. Press the home button to see if there's any ICE (In Case of an Emergency) information on the lock screen.
    2. If the iPhone is unlocked, check the contacts for ICE information or listings for mom, dad, son, daughter, wife, etcetera.
    3. Notify the wireless carrier of the device to see if they can do anything from their end.
    08-08-2014 10:35 AM

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