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    how do i transfer photos from my iphone to my laptop (without downloading anything extra)
    08-02-2014 04:49 AM
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    how do i transfer photos from my iphone to my laptop (without downloading anything extra)
    A very simple option, and free, is to use Dropbox (www.dropbox.com). Install it on both your iPhone and laptop. Anytime you take a picture, it will automatically (if connected to wifi) upload the picture to Dropbox.

    By default you get 2GB free and are given more space when you upload pictures. Dropbox can be used for any other file format as well (consider it a hard drive in the cloud).

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    08-02-2014 06:08 AM
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    Connect the iPhone to the computer with the USB cable.
    Navigate to the phone on the computer's file explorer.
    Open the folder.
    Drag and drop the photos from the phone to the computer.
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    08-02-2014 06:57 AM
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    What I've found frustrating is that on iPhone, there is no way (that I've found) to create iPhone based folders for organizing photos such that the folders are easily recognized on Windows. In Windows there's a random character name for folders in DCIM, but you have to manually sort through each folder to figure out which one has the photos you want to copy over.

    On OS X, I use Image Capture to select the photos I want to copy over to the folder in Pictures. Still not perfect or optimal in my view. With Android, I can easily create folders on the local device file system, and then copy or move the pictures from DCIM to the folder. From there, its just a simple copy/paste for a new folder to my Mac, or copying new photos to an existing folder on the Mac.

    I like the "tagging" features in iOS Photos that identify the photos by date, time, location. That alone, though, is not sufficient if people want to organize their photos by other attributes besides those.

    Maybe all of this will improve or get easier in iOS 8 and OS X 10?
    08-02-2014 09:42 AM

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