1. iMore Question's Avatar
    For the last few days of not using my iPad, I get this message. Who is my server? I can open other apps etc, but cannot receive or send Yahoo mail.
    07-24-2014 01:15 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    1. Make sure your iPad has an active internet connection and try again.
    2. If #1 don't fix the problem, try a reboot and then check your Yahoo mail.
    3. If #2 fails, delete the Yahoo account from the iPad, reboot, and then re-configure your Yahoo mail account on the device.
    07-24-2014 02:21 PM
  3. zerog46's Avatar
    Also make sure you can get on your Yahoo Mail via a PC or Mac to make sure you're not locked out.
    Just_Me_D likes this.
    07-24-2014 06:23 PM

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