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    I "updated" iTunes to 11.3 the other day and found it quite slow. Multiple seconds to delete a podcast episode. I don't have the newest computer but it shouldn't take that long to delete a podcast! Anyway, last night iTunes decided once again to go through my podcasts and delete a bunch of episodes that I had listened to despite the settings for it not to do that. This bug came in with 11.2 and it's happened four times now. After deleting the episodes iTunes went on to download over 350 podcasts, many were the same ones it just deleted.

    As I had not installed the latest update to OS X Mavericks I thought that might help with the slow deleting of episodes and went ahead with the update. Since then when I launch iTunes it just sits there and when I place the cursor over the application it turns into the beach ball. I've left it running for over twenty minutes and no change.

    Anyone else experience these behaviours?

    Or does anyone know of an application that can handle podcast subscriptions on my Mac and sync with my iPhone. I listen to episodes on both and want them in sync. And I don't want to use my cell data to download podcasts because I don't have that much data available.

    07-15-2014 11:59 AM
  2. linsiris's Avatar
    CandianMacFan and welcome

    For the first part of your problem I can recommend reinstalling iTunes. Erase the current app go to apple's website and redownload.

    For the second part here are two great podcast managing apps, available for OSX and iOS (both paid)
    - Downcast and Instacast ( I tried to post links but the site wasn't letting me so, you can easily google them)

    Hope it helps, have a great day
    07-16-2014 02:30 PM

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