1. sofiecfriis's Avatar

    In four weeks I start at the business school for three years and I'm so excited. Everything will be done on the computer. Books, tasks etc.
    I have to choose between a 11" or 13" macbook air and I really can't choose.

    I already have a MacBook Pro 13", about two years old and an iMac. I can't use my MacBook Pro in the school, it's to heavy to carry around. But I'm worried about the 11" MacBook air 11" will be to small when I've to read and all that for atleast seven hours in school every day. When I'm home I can use my MacBook Pro or iMac. But if I choose the 13" I've two MacBooks with the same size and I'm worried about it will be to big.

    I hope you can help. :-)
    07-09-2014 09:10 AM
  2. the_tech_eater's Avatar
    The 11" MacBook Air would make an awesome little laptop to carry around for class! And since you already have a 13" Mbp and an iMac, I totally recommend you get a 11" MacBook Air. They also are $200 less than the 13".

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    07-09-2014 09:16 AM
  3. HankAZ's Avatar
    The 11" MBA has a native screen resolution of 1366 x 768. That should be more than adequate for your use.
    07-09-2014 09:21 AM
  4. Algus's Avatar
    + Smaller
    - Worse Screen
    - Worse Battery

    + Better Screen
    + Better Battery Life
    - Larger

    Basically you trade weight for a better screen and battery. I do not think the 1366x768 resolution on the 11' is so inferior that it is worth ignoring. If you prefer that form factor than know that it is packing the same hardware and will do the job just as well. Battery life is less but when you're getting 8-12 hours of battery life, who cares?

    The selling point for me is the 16:10 aspect ratio on the 13'' MBA. I love 16:10
    07-09-2014 11:17 AM
  5. Trees's Avatar
    I'd go for the 13", particularly if thats your only screen for research and writing while on campus. I was wrapping up a 2nd tour in grad school when Netbooks were available and looking back not sure how I managed with the ~ 10" screen. Portability was indeed great compared to the larger 15" full featured laptop I was using before.

    Think about trying to wrangle a browser, document app, other apps all on a smaller 11" screen. Sure, you can use "command + tab" to switch around. Its doable, but less productive in my experience. Another potential concern is the smaller keyboard. I need a full size keyboard to be more accurate as the 11" is a bit too compressed. May not be an issue for you, but something to consider.

    Now if your campus has external monitors you can plug into, then that would be a cool option and make the 11" more feasible - to me.
    07-09-2014 11:52 PM

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