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    so my friend gave me an iphone 4s that he probably found and it had a passcode on it. So i plugged it in my computer, put it in recovery mode and proceeded to restoring it. Once that was done i opened it and i was stuck on the activation screen. Not having a sim card i cannot activate it. A couple months ago maybe a bit more than a yer i had bought an iphone 3gs and it was stuck on the activation screen so i went through many youtube videos and websites to then find something to do which was called ''hactivation'' and it worked great. Ive looked at many places to do the same with my friends iphone 4s but did not find a way. I was wondering if any of you had the same problem and got around to skipping the activation screen. **im not sure what version of IOS its on but im pretty sure its the latest in IOS 7, so possibly 7.1.1?**

    Thanks in advance !
    06-26-2014 06:01 PM
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    Illegal Activities - Do not post, sell, link, discuss, or request warez, serials, ROMs, UDID's or illegal copies of intellectual property of others. Discussions regarding hardware or software modifications designed to steal service, such as ESN cloning & phone programming modifications are also forbidden in the forums. Discussion regarding stolen devices is not permitted.*
    06-26-2014 06:41 PM

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