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    Hey , so basically . I've posted 2 question about my iPhone 5s touch id not working -.-. I've already found a solution and now it's working 80% of 100 times . Anyway , the touch id will only work when I wipe it everytime with a soft cloth like those cloth that was use to wipe the spectacle glass and it's really soft and smooth . After wiping it , it'll work like usually 5-12 times and after that when it doesn't work I'll have to take out the cloth and wipe it again in order to let it work . Could it be my iPhone 5S touch id issues or is it my fingerprint is greasy or something ? Anyway , since I've found the solution but it's kind of irritating at times when I've to take the cloth out just to wipe the home button . My main point is , is it the iPhone 5s Touch ID issues or is it my fingerprint ? Everytime , everyday I've to take out the cloth and wipe the home button when the touch id is not working . Any tips to make it work more accurate or make it work everytime ? All my other friends touch id are working fine though . Anyone has the same issues as me ? Please answer this question asap , i really want to know why . Thanks ! And also everytime I wipe the home button and register the touch id it worked fast without any failure while going through the process . So that kept me wondering could it be my fingerprint or my phone's issues ? Please answer this question , asap thanks !Updated to IOS 71.1. and use the same thumb for every slot . Is it the phone issues or my hand? So i went over to a phone shop at my estate they took my phone and shine other the sunlight they said that the touch id seems to be greasy and they say that my finger is greasy that's reason why it is creating this such problems , it'll work after I wipe it . So is it the phone issues or my finger issues ? The guy told me that my finger is greasy and I told him that my friend's touch id are all working fine . At times I shine under the light , I saw the touch id is quite shiny and seems to be greasy with my fingerprint on it . So any tips ? Thanks !
    05-02-2014 04:00 AM
  2. Not Quite Right's Avatar
    I would say something is wrong with the Touch id sensor. Do you live by an Apple Store ? If so make an appointment with the Genius bar, and let them take a look ...
    05-02-2014 09:41 AM

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