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    Last week I got a replacement iPhone 5s from Asurian through Verizon for a broken screen. I had to update the phone before I could restore from my backup. I got the phone update and restored the backup but it didn't automatically transfer/activate my number from my old phone to my new phone. I waited while it continued to download all my apps before calling verizon. While it was downloading my phone(s) called my husband phone several times but neither showed the call on either screen or in the call log. Once the new phone was done downloading the apps I called verizon activated it and reset the old phone to new. A few days later my husband said that it was doing the same thing again, called him when I really didn't. I hear rumors that apple products can't get virus' not sure if it's true or not. I wondered while I was updating the phone and backing up my old phone if my computer had a virus because it wasn't working correctly. Just wondering if my phone was possibly hacked or if other people have had similar issues.

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    04-05-2014 08:33 PM
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    I very much doubt your phone has a virus, it seems to me to be a carrier issue

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    04-05-2014 08:36 PM

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