1. xcsdm's Avatar
    Since Siri was released into the world, I've been able to add a contact with several phone numbers to my Favorites list in the Phone app.

    I could always say "Call My Wife", "Call My Mom" and it would dial the number in my Favorites unless I specified otherwise. "Call My Wife at Work".

    I've wiped my phone because of horrible battery life after 7.1 update. Now, I say "Call My Wife" and every time, Siri asks which number, Home, Work or Mobile.

    Is this a setting I have missed, a change in 7.1, or a bug that may be fixed later?

    Thank you,

    04-03-2014 09:38 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    workaround... tell siri specifically what you want to do... "Call my wife at home" from the start...
    04-03-2014 09:42 AM
  3. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    To the OP just so you know, It has always been tay way, The only way It would not ask is if you only had one number for that contact. As kch said though if you do it as he suggested that will work if you have more than one number for that contact.
    04-03-2014 09:52 AM

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