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    Hi there, I have this problem and I dont know why...

    I follow the apple steps 1 by 1, and I conected my iTunes library so easy. I dont know why, since 4/5 days, I can't do it anymore... I didnt change any single configuration in both systems...

    Now I change too many thing, I share in home, I dont shre, and I tried all (I think) possible conbinations.... And I can not see anymore my shared library on Windows...

    I have my Macbook with Snow Leopard and last version of itunes in both laptops. Macbook have ALL music, and Im triying to listen it in my other laptop Windows 8. Like I said, just took me second when I did the first time, was working several days, and 4/5 days ago, dont want to work anymore.... I can not understand what its going on, but I change so many things and I dont know why is not doing it... I havent firewall, I have not restrictiopns in both laptops, I have latest iTunes, andn now its 'home sharing' and 'library sharing' (without password for be easy) in both laptops Mac (with the music) and Windows 8, and anything.. I cant do it.. Im disesperate...

    I hope that someone can help to me, thanks!
    03-27-2014 01:10 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    03-27-2014 01:17 PM

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