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    I currently have the iPhone 4S, and I have noticed I hadn't backed up to iCloud in a long time, I purchased more iCloud space as this seemed to be the issue, now it's telling me the backup is incomplete, I've tried to initiate a back up and it just saying backing up but not doing anything, it's driving me insane, my new 5s has just arrived and want to set it up but I don't want to loose what's on my 4s as it has lots of pictures of my new baby. I am still on ios6 never did the iOS 7 update as lots of people I know had problems with the phone following it. Any advice I'm going crazy
    03-25-2014 08:07 AM
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    Ok relax

    You haven't done a back up in a while and you mentioned you bought more iCloud storage so that leads me to believe you have a large data back up in the works.

    You must be plugged in and on wifi to back up your device and make sure you have a strong WiFi signal it will take sometime if the back up is large

    Updating your 4s to iOS 7 would have been advisable seeing as how your new 5s will be using the updated OS but it's necessary if it fails in you give it a few moments and try again

    iMore Ambassador -iPhone 5s
    03-25-2014 08:28 AM
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    Also upon rereading your post you can also do an iTunes back up of your device if your iCloud back up keeps failing but I believe it's just taking time to prepare your backup and it should start along shortly

    We would like you to become a member of iMore and let us know how you made out and how much your enjoying your new device

    iMore Ambassador -iPhone 5s
    03-25-2014 08:34 AM

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