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    my iphone5 is not charging and not on
    03-07-2014 04:46 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Try the following:

    1. Get a different USB cable and/or wall plug to see if your device begins to charge.
    2. Simultaneously press and hold both the power and home buttons until you see the Apple logo, and then release the buttons.
    3. Make an appointment with the nearest Apple Store.
    03-07-2014 10:35 AM
  3. Elizabeth2's Avatar
    Just on the outside chance you may have an obstruction in the charging port. Gently use an aircan to clean the port. Try another device to make sure your cable and or outlet works.
    Good Luck. If all still fails follow D's post preceding this one, go to you nearest Apple store and see if they can help.

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    03-09-2014 01:49 AM

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