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    Hi ,
    My situation is this. I'm currently jailbroke on 7.0.4. on a 5s. I realize I need to get to the upgrade soon. With that said I might want to do some extra steps so I came here asking for advice.

    My iPhone 5s wasn't started as new. I used a backup of an older iPhone I had that was still an ios6 backup. Everything worked right except that it had that known bug where it wouldn't let go of the old message attachments. So my usage for messages was 3.3gb. yes GB. So I tried ifile and the messages usage dropped to normal levels. However in the totals it didn't add the 3.3gb I should have regained. Also in iTunes my "other" category is 5.36gb.

    Apple said that is because of the iOS6 bug being saved from my old backup to my new phone. Apple didn't have a way to remove it. Two different techs at Apple said I need to restore my iPhone and set it up as new. (Which would really suck......) They said otherwise there isn't a way to wipe the phone and all all my saved stuff on there with reinstalling that bug.

    Since I have to re jailbreak after the update to 7.0.6 should I just wipe the whole thing and start as new ? Is that the only way to really eradicate that bug from iOS6 that is in my backups?

    One tech suggested doing the iCloud backup. That I'd be more likely to rid the bug that way than through iTunes. I found however being jailbroke that the iCloud way just sends the phone into a loop. Is that what others have found?

    Appreciate any advice I can get thanks.
    02-26-2014 05:58 PM
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    Restore using iTunes. That should also update your device. After that, setup the device as new or restore from an iCloud backup. It won't send the phone into a loop.
    02-27-2014 06:13 PM

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