1. iMore Question's Avatar
    every time that I get on my iPad mini it keeps on going right back to the main screen. I'll be on an application right in the middle of doing something and it turns off and goes on the main screen right in the middle of what I'm trying to do. What can i do to fix that and I still have plenty of space left. It's MD529LL/A iPad mini Wi-Fi 32GB
    02-15-2014 06:33 PM
  2. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Do you mean you will be in an app and all of a sudden your screen will jump from the app to your home screen?? I am trying to understand a bit more to help. You can back up your iPad first and then set up as new in case an app or something else you might have done caused a glitch in it. Setting it up as new like it just came out of the box may take care if your issue and if not, let us know and we can go to step 2. There may be someone else that will come in with other advice as well. Good luck.
    02-15-2014 06:43 PM

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