1. lshri's Avatar
    Finding issues in setting up viber. For the past few days, there were some issues in connecting viber, hence uninstalled and reinstalled viber in iphone5.

    After reinstalling, when the phone number is fed in to get the access code, it says there is no internet connection though the mobile does have (tried with both wifi & cellular data). Any suggestions? Thanks.
    02-08-2014 03:48 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    You may be best served by contacting the app's developer(s) or by visiting their support site via the following link:

    Viber | Viber setup for iPhone
    02-08-2014 08:15 AM
  3. ViberTeam's Avatar
    Hi there!
    For assistance obtaining your access code, please follow the link: Viber | I haven't received my access code
    Let us know if the issue persists...
    02-09-2014 02:33 PM

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