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    I just got an old iPhone 3gs from my friend the other day to use as an iPod since my touch broke. Well, when i got it from her, it was working fine. I even noticed it had Cydia, and thought hm that's weird, they didn't mention it was jailbroken. Well, I tried putting music on my the iPhone and iTunes would NOT recognize it. My computer would, just not iTunes. I tried everything and finally found a video that worked...buuuut it reset my iPhone and put me at the activation screen. Turns out you need a sim card to activate it! Or you can jailbreak it. But apparently iOS 6.1.3 isn't as easy to hacktivate as older versions. I then tried downgrading to 6.0.1..but it wouldn't work because I don't have the right SHSH blobs (I only had 4.1.1 and 6.1.3?) I've downloaded and tried RedSn0w, sn0wbreeze, iExplorer, TinyUmbrella, etc.. I've basically tried everything I know of to get past this point and after about 2 days, I'm about ready to call it quits. My last try was with sn0wbreeze and i almost got i thought (shift + clicking restore using 6.1.3 blob) and i get an error 3194 code everytime I try. I even tried getting past the 3194 error and i got stuck because my stupid computer denies me access to save my hosts file after deleting that needed deleting, even after I took full control from TrustedInstaller. I just don't know what to do!

    Like I said, I have a iPhone 3gs (new bootrom) with NO sim card. Also, for some reason when I put it into DFU mode, my screen doesn't go to the Apple logo screen..it just stays black and actually has a very light, grey colored, thick line in the middle of the iPhone that goes from top to bottom, and doesn't go away until I hold the power button, then it just turns on normally and goes to the activation screen. That might have something to do with it I suppose. I have the correct usb connector and my laptop lets other iPods connect fine. Well, the iPhone actually gets recognized now, but just goes to the no sim card screen. Maybe just getting a universal sim card off of ebay for like $2 instead of going through all this trouble would be easier? Anyways, i think that's enough information. If anyone has any ideas what the hell is going on with this iPhone I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
    01-24-2014 09:14 PM
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    You will need the sim card for the carrier that the phone is locked to. I don't think a universal sim card will work.
    01-25-2014 06:03 PM

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