1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I don't have Krustyland, but I visit my friends. Is there someplace I can see how many tickets I have? Thanks.
    01-19-2014 10:43 PM
  2. Reparkable's Avatar
    What's Krustyland?

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    01-20-2014 01:05 AM
  3. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    Yeah. What is it?
    01-20-2014 01:13 AM
  4. pr1nce's Avatar
    Never heard of it.
    01-20-2014 02:09 AM
  5. mikeo007's Avatar
    01-20-2014 11:25 AM
  6. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    That's what I saw while I was checking it out but it's also some sort of theme park. And what tickets are they talking about? The OP didn't give good enough information about this.
    01-20-2014 03:16 PM

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