1. Rahulbhardwaz's Avatar
    hey everyone, please help me i always want an iphone for me but I'm from India which is emerging country and iPhone has always big price tag and I'm belongs to middle class family so i cant afford buying iphone of such " high price tag" , but now apple cuts iPhone 4 price to near about 15k but now its approx 3 generation old device but as i always want iPhone suggest me please should i buy iphone 4 8gb now(in 2014) and will it gets major os update in future cause now its out of production. . :-( so please give your true suggestions please
    01-16-2014 03:13 AM
  2. ritesh's Avatar
    The iphone 4 did get the current ios 7update, but the phone lags terribly. IMO, not worth buying the Iphone 4. Get the 5c on EMI, which most big shops offer on any credit card purchase.
    01-16-2014 03:43 AM
  3. Rahulbhardwaz's Avatar
    ok but its looks expensive cause its price is 40k & how to apply for EMI plan of 5c cause in my family noone have cradit card.. and if i go for it how many extra money i should to pay in EMI??
    01-16-2014 11:50 AM
  4. vishal_sethi26's Avatar
    I would go for 5c instead...the emi is pretty low idk for sure but it's within 1k per month...or get a second hand iPhone 4S on internet sites like olx n all
    Good luck mate
    01-16-2014 12:03 PM
  5. Rahulbhardwaz's Avatar
    buying used iphone 4s ? is it worth it cause I'll not get any warranty services! ! :-( and obvious "olx" i dun trust on it!!
    01-17-2014 12:58 AM
  6. Rahulbhardwaz's Avatar
    can you send me 5c EMI link that you are talking about??
    01-17-2014 01:00 AM

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