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    Why is it so difficult to purchase iklenz screen cleaner? Is the company still in business and if not is there another product for smart phones that disinfects? Thank you!,
    12-28-2013 07:42 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Eyeglass cleaners work wonders on the iPhone, in my opinion.
    12-28-2013 07:53 PM
  3. kch50428's Avatar
    The iklenz.com web address goes to a hosting company place-holder page... Not a good sign...

    As for keeping your iDevice clean... keeping the hands clean with good, old fashioned soap & water is a start... Then keeping the iDevice clean... All I use is a light spritz of eyeglass cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe the device down... Occasionally, instead of the glasses cleaner, I'll take an alcohol pad and lightly wipe it onto the microfiber cloth...
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    12-28-2013 07:54 PM