1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I need to dictate on me ipad2 and have it sent to an email for printing.
    What's the easiest?
    Email me at wvdv317@yahoo.com
    12-24-2013 04:03 PM
  2. acerace113's Avatar
    As far as I know the iPad 2 doesn't support Siri dictation, but there are probably apps in the App Store that can do dictation. As for printing emails there is the option of AirPrint as long as the printer your using is AirPrint compatible.

    Sent from my 5th gen iPod Touch or iPhone 5S using Tapatalk
    12-24-2013 04:16 PM
  3. Chargehammer's Avatar
    I believe Dragon Dictation has an app that works ok. Not as good as Siri but better than nothing.
    12-24-2013 04:20 PM

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