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    i recently tried to jailbreak my iphone5, but after certain process it got stuck at apple logo and nothing is happening further...
    please help
    12-24-2013 01:56 AM
  2. acerace113's Avatar
    Put the device in DFU mode and restore via iTunes. Then try jailbreaking again.

    There is a known issue with devices that updated via OTA (over the air).

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    12-24-2013 09:48 AM
  3. thatgirl87's Avatar
    Hopefully the Evasi0n team will release a fix. In the meantime I hope you can get your phone restored. The main reason why I won't jailbreak is because I don't want something to go wrong. Evasi0n wouldn't open on my Mac Mini anyway.

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    12-24-2013 10:06 AM

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