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    I have to say, i work in a steel factory, and i have my 5s and before that my 5 in an otterbox armor, its big and bulky, but at the end of the day when i go home theres not a speck of dust on my white phone, i will endorse this case anyday!! But when i get home it goes into my lifeproof fre for 5s and i love that as well, the one i had for my 5 was garbage but this one seems to be ok
    What improvements did they make in the new one? They seem to be identical to me with the exception of the fingerprint scanner compatibility.

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    12-28-2013 10:41 AM
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    You have no need to buy the waterproof cases to your iPhone. There is a military designed waterproof liquid coating introduced by Nanostate first time in the world that protect your iPhone from water and other liquid spills. see now Waterproof Coating For iPhone, Mobiles & Tablets
    05-27-2014 07:17 AM
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    I'm sold on the Otterbox Preserver. I hope they make it for the iPhone 6.

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    05-27-2014 10:19 AM
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