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    I have used Viber on my iphone 4 for 6 months with no problem. I upgraded 3 weeks ago after a notice from itune and noted a switch for Viber Out in the Viber screen bottom next to the iphone switch. I read a description of Viber out after the upgrade. A few days later I was going to call a friend in Manila using Viber and when I opened the Viber app I accidentally touch the Viber out switch at screen bottom which has her phone number and she answered immediately. After a long conversation I discovered in looking at my Viber recent call list that the call below her name was a regular call. I contacted my provider Tmobile who told me that the call likely went through as a regular call and will cost me $1.99 per minute so I will likely be charged $76 for the 38 minutes call. What went wrong? Is this a problem with Viber Out?
    12-09-2013 07:45 PM
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    12-09-2013 09:31 PM

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