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    I recently installed Mavericks on a 2011 Mac Mini (previously was running 10.6.8); the Mac Mini is connected via HDMI to my HDTV in my living room and connected via mini display to HDMI to a second HDTV in my basement. I am running an extended USB cable to the basement to have a keyboard/mouse at each HDTV (living room is using a Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad).

    After I installed Mavericks, I was immediatley having problems with my monitors. Each monitor showed up in my audio settings, but for some reason, I could not select the living room HDTV for sound, it just bounced off the HDTV name and went to another selection. After analyzing it for a while, I determined that when I had a line into my headphone jack, I could not select that living room monitor. As soon as I removed that line, I could select it (as an fyi, the other HDTV in the basement worked fine for sound with the headphone jack being used). I would prefer to be able to use the headphone jack as I have that plugged into my home theater system to play sound through my sound system.

    Also, whenever I reboot my Mac Mini, my extended cable USB keyboard/mouse becomes unusuable and I have to unplug the keyboard & mouse and plug them back in for them to work and recognize the keyboard/mouse. The USB maintains power as I plugged my iPhone into it and got a charge after a reboot of my Mac Mini, it just doesn't automatically pickup the keyboard/mouse. Everything worked perfectly in 10.6.8, so any solution(s) would be welcomed so I don't have to go back to that OS.

    Thanks for the feeback.
    12-03-2013 01:49 PM
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    I think you haven't received any answers to this question because that's quite a different setup than most people might have. If possible can you post up some screenshots? As for the USB issue after rebooting have you tried moving the USB to different ports and seeing if any others are more successful? It might also be worth using a USB hub which has it's own power supply to sort of boost the power it gives to the keyboard and mouse.
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    12-06-2013 03:31 PM
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    I do agree with Ricky that if you use a USB hub make sure it is powered or use USB ports in the back of the computer and not the front. The back has more power.

    I saw this and did not answer although a comment to ask that you be patient to someone comes along might have been appropriate on my part, I did not know it and is a bit out of the ordinary for what i have seen or would have anything in my home hooked up, Quite different. Best of luck and if anyone can help please do so.

    Have you also considered going to Mavericks for FAQ or try to get answers for this OS. I am strictly a PC person.

    Also DO keep one thing in mind when you use the word extended USB cable....SIgnal or power loss thwe longer you go hence a Powered HUB.
    12-06-2013 09:17 PM
  4. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    For Audio, you could always run a connection from your Audio out from your living room HDTV to your home theater system, this should accomplish what you are looking for in regard to your sound problem. As far as the keyboard is concerned, your current set up should work, only suggestion I can think of is to try a different USB Hub, and make sure it's powered like the one you currently have, or consider putting a wireless keyboard and mouse downstairs as well.
    12-07-2013 09:34 AM

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