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    After receiveing the update for IOs 7.4, we have to set up the device again; at the moment we are doing just that, a screen shows up with your Apple ID on it [the original e-mail used when the initial set up was done, and supposedly was going to be the alternate address for further communications]. Inmediately, underneath that box, there is a statement saying {that do not worry, this can be changed from setting} What happened afterwards is that the e-mail was used as Apple ID, and the assigned ( - are used as alternate, even though you can use them normally with no consecuenses later on, but the original one is being used as the Apple ID. I just found out that apparently, that e-mail can not be changed. The only way you can get around it is creating a new account.
    Is there any possible way [without deleting the #1] that we can change that? We will appreciate any help or clarification on this subject matter.
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    11-26-2013 10:52 AM
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    11-26-2013 12:36 PM

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