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    Q1. Will the verizon iphone 5s work in india as well?

    Q2. What if I buy the phone from Verizon for 199 usd and just the next day i dump the verizon sim card, will i have to pay to verizon even after that for the remaining months out of the 2 year contract?

    Q3. What exactly is the amount that I have to pay to Verizon when I buy the 5s-16gb?
    11-19-2013 02:18 AM
  2. ritesh's Avatar
    Answer to Q1:The phone( if unlocked by verizon, incase they sell it locked) will work for making and taking phone calls, but data could be a problem. It all depends on which provider in India, you plan to use the phone and the available bands on the verizon iphone. And as far as I know, Verizon is a CDMA operator and you wont be able to use the phone on a CDMA operator in India. Verizon Blackberries wouldn't work( would work only for voice calls) on Vodafone, but had no issues on Airtel.

    Answer to Q2: Yes, even if you burn the phone the next day/lose it, you have to pay till the end of 2 years.
    11-19-2013 05:47 AM

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