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    is it possible to add more font in Pages for iPad?
    11-04-2013 01:27 AM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    Hi, go into settings > accessibility > Bold Text.
    11-04-2013 01:33 AM
  3. Florian Schimanke's Avatar
    For everybody who is sick and tired of not being able to use custom fonts in their documents on their iOS devices I might have a solution.

    I ran into similar problems and took this as my motivation to develop "AnyFont". With this little app you are able to install all the fonts you need for your presentations on your iPhone or iPad. So when your are using Calibri in your presentation and get the error message after importing it on your iPad you can use AnyFont to install Calibri on your device which makes the error message go away and lets you use Calibri in your presentation.

    Let me know how you like it!

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    03-04-2014 04:47 AM
  4. taz323's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app with iMore,hopefully a lot of members will check it out and give plenty of feed back, if you haven't already please take a moment and read http://forums.mobilenations.com/rule...uidelines.html
    Thank you again and good luck with your app.

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    03-04-2014 05:11 AM
  5. vita64's Avatar
    Can Pages use a font installed with AnyFont? If not, is there a relatively simple text app that can? I'm trying to give my mother the ability to print out "handwritten" letters from her iPad. Thanks.
    08-06-2014 10:11 AM

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