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    Ok. So that there's as little misunderstandings as possible, here's EXACTLY what happened prior to my iphone 4 crashing:
    i woke up that morning to me not being able to send any messages. But i was tired so i just rebooted it and when that didnt work i went back to sleep figuring oh well ill just wait it out and maybe itll fix itself. So i woke up a couple hours later to me not being able to send messages. come to find out (way later after i had already messed up my phone) the (my family's) phones got cut off.

    But you see, i jailbroke my phone 2 years ago. and 2 years ago my brother and cousin also did it and their jailbroke screwed up and messed up their phones a looong time ago. So i didnt think about the fact that the phones might be shut off and assumed that my jailbroke had finally crashed after 2 years.
    So i tried rebooting it a few more times and then just said forget it ill lose my jailbrake and just "restart all systems" in the general settings on my phone. And that still didnt work (even thought keep in mind that there was really nothing wrong with my phone). So i decided to just go ahead and update to ios 7. So i went to my aunts to use her wifi and discovered that i didnt have enough room on my phone to update.

    Sooo i started deleting stuff. I deleted alot of my pics and games and music. And when i still didnt have enough, i went to cydia. I deleted everything until all that was left to delete were stuff that popped up a message when trying to delete them saying "its not recommended to delete this because its connected to cydia and could cause cydia to stop working" blah blah blah. I went through all the things left in cydia and they all gave me that message when i tried to delete them. But i still didnt have enough space to update my phone so i went to the one that i thought would least matter to cydia. The unitones one...or its called something like that. Its just for downloading ringtones! so i was like oh forget that message its not really important. And clicked the go ahead and delete button. as soon as it deleted, i tried going to my settings to see how much space i had, and it wouldnt open. I tried opening cydia again and it wouldnt open. i kept trying to open my settings and then cydia and my setting and you get the pic. They wouldnt open so i just rebooted my phone again.

    And thats where crap went down. The apple logo would show up like it usually does when rebooting, but then it would go away like my phone had turned off. And i hadn't pressed anything. But it would only turn off for like 3 secs. and then the apple logo would pop up again. and this is all my phone does now. Its stuck on an apple logo loop.

    I tried restoring it by computer but it kept giving me error 21 message. so i went to more info. and tried their suggestions and they still didnt work. I tried the volume up button. Ive updated my itunes and idk what else to do. Ive looked everywhere and tried everything and there is no change in my phone....so..any suggestions?
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    10-29-2013 07:52 PM
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    Since you pooched it so much already, you might as well just dump it into DFU mode, wipe it and start fresh - How to put your iPhone or iPad into DFU mode | iMore Also, since you jailbroke your device, and one method of achieving that is to block access to Apple's servers, make sure you didn't block them in your HOSTS file. A lot of people tend to forget they even did it.
    10-29-2013 08:45 PM
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    Place your phone into DFU mode, and restore thru iTunes
    10-29-2013 08:46 PM

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