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    Im jailbroken on a iphone 3gs 6.1.3 and have been for a while. I downloaded Atom and halfway through I got some error about not having a license and so it canceled the download. it made me respring and when I did, I saw atom on my lockscreen. but when I try to unlock it, Nothing happens!!! it just leaves me at my lockscreen and doesn't unlock. now ive tried turning it off and booting it in safe mode to uninstall atom, but the problem is that I have a tethered jailbreak. as far as I know, its not possible to boot in safe mode from the lockscrren in a tethered jailbreak. please help me, I really don't want to lose all my stuff
    10-28-2013 05:39 PM
  2. Chris Parsons's Avatar
    At this point, it's looking as though you might need to reset your device in order to get it back to the way it was. I can't think of another way really. Backup what you can and go from there.
    10-28-2013 06:12 PM

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