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    So I got my FIRST ever iPhone Well First ish anyway, My First ever iPhone was an iPhone 2G (1st Gen) I bought it locally several years ago when I switched to AT&T to get the Unlimited Data plan which did work , Phone was sluggish it was 2011 so I didnt judge the iPhone name cause of that old iPhone. Anyway I sold it. Then Last year I bought a iPhone 4, and an iPhone 5 from 2 different friends which I only bought to resale as they were Both Sprint Devices So I did not play with them much.

    Anyway I was luckly enough the closest store 30min away had a few instock So I stopped by and ended up leaving with a Silver iPhone 5S My ONLY grip really is the screen size, Coming from an 5inch and 5.5inch device over the last year. The Screen size is fine its just my hands have to get used to it. It seems very quick as well

    But last night I ran into an issue, I maybe had 10 apps installed, and had made about 2 hours of phone calls, (Changed my #) (Took advantage of cross market #`s They can do it now! ) Got me an Las Vegas #. Anyway by the end of the first day of owning it that night it was unresponsive with everything. Ex: Going to Messages would be just a little bit slower but when I go to a message and the keyboard pops up I was not able to type anything for atleast 5 seconds had past, and opening apps like even Safari was exteramly slow like 20 seconds before I could do anything after opening it was pretty much that with every stock app, and the keyboard. I did a settings reset and so on still did not fix it, til I did a FULL erase/reset and it finally seemed to work, now its speedy! but when pressing things it just it likes to register it til the 2nd or 3rd time pushing it like back,edit, toggles on/off. Keyboard seems to work fine right at the moment though its just menu options and toggles that are kind of a pain. (Could there be something wrong with my touch screen)? Also what would cause what happend last night? I had 10 or under 3rd party apps installed like Facebook, Twitter, etc so I dont think that should had caused that.

    Any Ideas?
    10-20-2013 12:36 PM
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    Take it to a apple store and talk to them.

    Sent from somewhere.
    10-20-2013 01:45 PM
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    I meant to add that... Just not that easy. I have 2 around me, BOTH are an hour and a half away! And I would not be Happy if I went there and they would not have any stock to replace it with... Also the AT&T Stores are NOT exactly close either.
    10-20-2013 02:10 PM
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    My ideas are that I noticed somewhat of the same as you have and once I spoke to a few friends that are no different than you and me. I have learned that there seem to be some small but subtle spots that you have to get use to in order to make these items you refer to work as we expect them to.

    One example on my part that might help you is that I am or was having a terrible time from the home screen activating the Control Center until a friend suggested that he had to hit just right above the home button and not where the 4 apps are on the dock. As soon as I did this a number of times - problem solved! I know this is one small example but it worked so it might work with other parts of your problem as well. Give it a try and best of luck. Let us know if it helps.
    10-20-2013 03:01 PM

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