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    I found out the hard way last night that the iOS 7 beta 6 release had expired. I didn't remember to install the Gold Master, so I'm a little stuck.

    My iPhone is stuck in the 'activation' phase, as you would expect after an iOS beta expiry. I had the same problem a couple of months ago when one of the previous betas expired, but I was still able to backup the phone and restore it.

    Which brings us to the problem: I can't even backup the device. When I try to run a normal backup in iTunes, I get the following error:

    iTunes could not backup the iPhone "Foobar's iPhone"
    because a session could not be started with the iPhone.

    I read this Apple KB article, and tried all of the suggestions for fixing this problem, to no avail. When I try to sync the iPhone with iTunes, I get the following error:

    iTunes cannot sync apps to the iPhone "Foobar's iPhone"
    because the apps installed on the iPhone could not be

    At which point the syncing process stops. I've tried various third party solutions, including Wondershare's Dr. Fone, iExplorer 3, and a whole host of other programs designed specifically to backup the data on iOS devices. Still no luck. I've also tried backing this device up to three different machines on both Windows and OSX, and yes, I tried it with a different cable in a futile attempt to resolve the issue.

    I've put the device into DFU mode, and I've since downloaded the iOS 7 Gold Master. I know that I can restore the new firmware to the device, but I need to back it up first as the last successful backup is shown in iTunes as over two months ago.

    Has anyone come across a fix for the backup issue?
    10-06-2013 02:16 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Were you doing backups to iCloud?

    You're obviously going to have to install iOS 7.0.2 - so you may as well do that... then either restore from the most recent iCloud backup, or use the older one in iTunes.
    10-06-2013 02:26 PM

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