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    Hi Everyone

    Im having a problem with accessing email on the IPhones over the 3G/4G network

    The email addresses are setup for IMAP and are put on a mixture of mobile phones however quite a large amount of them are on the IPhone 4s/5. The IPhones could access the emails without any problems through both wifi and 3G/4G until a few days ago when the 3G stopped working.

    I checked a few things on the email accounts which was ok, Firstly I deleted the email addresses and re added them to IPhone and restarted, no luck, the users who have the IPhones have upgraded to IOS7 but this issue seemed to start before they upgraded, I spoke to EE (the mobile provider) who advised me to speak to Apple who advised to do a network settings reset which did not work and then they advised doing a full factory reset, which I have not tried yet but that does seem extreme to access emails over the 3G connection working

    Other phones synch/access the email fine over 3G/4G such as htcs, samsungs and sony ericssons, and Blackberrys so the server and the settings are ok, we are just having this problem with the Iphones

    Any help is very much appreciated

    10-04-2013 08:42 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Try the following:

    1. Go to Setting>Cellular and then under the "Use Cellular Data For" option, make sure it is enabled for "Mail"
    if that doesn't help, although it should, go to Settings>General>Reset and then select "Reset Network Settings".
    10-04-2013 09:08 AM

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