1. Joseph Wang's Avatar
    Hello guys I own a iPhone 4S running on jailbroken iOS 5.1.1 and I would like to upgrade it to iOS 6.1.2. Not 6.1.3, not 7.0, but 6.1.2. Is there any possible ways for me to do that?
    P.S. I have no knowledge on jailbreaking stuff so please explain step by step to me. Thank you all so much in advance
    09-28-2013 07:22 AM
  2. neurodave's Avatar
    Unfortunately, Apple is no longer signing that version of iOS. In the glory days of jailbreaking, you could use TinyUmbrella and follow a few steps and that would trick iTunes into letting you install older versions of iOS, but I believe that has become a thing of the past.

    But, I may be wrong.

    In any case, I am 95% sure it can not be done. It's either iOS 7 or nothing now. Sorry, bud!
    09-28-2013 08:59 AM

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