1. ksassy's Avatar
    I just noticed that my activity badges are not updating with the current dates earned. Yesterday I earned a Perfect Stand Week, a Perfect Move Week, and the Veteran's Day Challenge but the dates are not showing current but as the last date earned. Plus the Veteran's Day badge is missing all together as noted in another thread by several others too. Today I earned a New Move Goal and now it too is not showing the current date but the last date earned.

    I got the notification on my watch for the new move goal badge earned today but my phone is still showing the last move goal earned. Once again I force restarted both my watch and phone with no change. Both are running the latest official watchOS 5.1.1 and iOS 12.1.

    Something is going on with the Activity app not updating on the phone. I'm currently working on my November Challenge and on track to earn it soon but I'm afraid it won't show the badge earned when I complete it. I submitted a problem report the Apple Watch team. Anyone else having issues with their badges not updating with the current date earned?
    11-12-2018 09:50 PM
  2. doogald's Avatar
    This is a long-term thing for the activity app and it can take up to 9 days for achievements to show up (though it’s almost always faster than that.) Be patient - they will eventually be there. (Apple has never explained why it takes time.)
    11-13-2018 07:12 AM
  3. ksassy's Avatar
    So up to 9 days is the magic answer huh...funny how everything updated immediately without a hitch in the Activity app for 17 months straight but suddenly it’s now all come to a screeching halt..guess I have no choice but to play the waiting game! There goes the it just works because now it’s just broke
    11-13-2018 10:09 PM
  4. doogald's Avatar
    Not “now it’s just broke.” It’s been like this since I owned the watch.

    Mine showed up this morning, along with last week’s perfect exercise week and 7 workout week badges (which were also missing). They always eventually show up. Three days this time, not nine days. (It’s never been nine days for me. It’s almost always within a day; with these big challenges open to everyone, it always hits the watch right away, it often takes a day or a few to show up in the activity app. )

    I knew I did all of these, I knew the badges would show up, don’t really care if they did or not, because the important thing was the doing, not the getting of the badges. Right?

    When it comes to issues with the Apple Watch, when badges show up I hope is not a priority. I hope instead they are working on things like improving updates, improving iCloud sync (adding the watch to messages in iCloud, improving health app iCloud sync, etc.), adding better watch faces, getting the ecg app done... I could go on.
    11-14-2018 08:06 AM
  5. ksassy's Avatar
    @doogald you're right I should focus more on the fact that I did the work to earn the badges and not the immediate gratification of rewards. Guess I've been spoiled for too long. I believe you that they'll eventually show up. Just never had to wait until now. I'll focus more on the "doing" and not so much the "getting" so to speak. Thanks for the perspective!!
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    11-14-2018 09:45 AM
  6. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    I learned via another thread about this same topic here on iMore that The Veteran's Day challenge showed up this morning. I checked, and it's there! So you might want to take a look.
    11-14-2018 12:30 PM
  7. ksassy's Avatar
    @Annie_8plus still nothing for me yet
    11-14-2018 01:16 PM
  8. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    @Annie_8plus still nothing for me yet
    That's too bad!!! Apple Support told me via Twitter that anyone not yet receiving the Badge should "For your friend, we'd want to have them reach out to us directly so that we can go through some steps, and see what's going on, and how we can get it resolved for them.

    They could contact us support.apple.com, or reach out to us here on Twitter.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, and we'll be happy to assist."

    Hope this helps!
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    11-14-2018 02:16 PM
  9. ksassy's Avatar
    Well finally all my badges showed up this morning albeit 5 days later. Now I’m just waiting for the 365 Move Goals badge I earned yesterday.
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    11-15-2018 08:57 AM
  10. tcuprof's Avatar
    What's odd is that my activity app was updating immediately/flawlessly on my 2nd gen Nike+. From the very first day though, my AW4 has a delay in posting activities. Most activities show up 2-3 days later. For example, my perfect week badges from last Sunday just showed up today. The Veterans Day Challenge badge took about 10 days to show up. In any event, there's been a change since I got the AW4 and I don't know if the problem is the watch, the phone, the new software, or some combination of the three.
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    11-20-2018 05:05 PM
  11. ksassy's Avatar
    In any event, there's been a change since I got the AW4 and I don't know if the problem is the watch, the phone, the new software, or some combination of the three.
    Ever since the Veteran's Day Challenge all of my badges are suddenly now delayed when before everything was immediate and flawless. I'm currently waiting on some earned badges once again. I've come to accept that this is the new norm.
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    11-21-2018 02:19 PM

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