1. PLYHollywood's Avatar
    How’s your battery day to day on the new  watch 4?
    09-25-2018 09:44 AM
  2. Steven Sabo's Avatar
    How’s your battery day to day on the new  watch 4?
    My first day I wore it was absolutely awful. But since then, I have ended each day with about 50% power. With my series 2 which I replaced I would end the day with about 25% power. So it is a definite improvement for me.
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    09-25-2018 10:03 AM
  3. tcuprof's Avatar
    So far I'm ending each day with well over 50% left. In might be a little less today because I've logged 160 workout minutes.
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    09-25-2018 03:37 PM
  4. donnation's Avatar
    Series 4 battery life is not very good and is way less than Series 3.
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    09-26-2018 04:21 AM
  5. judgetom's Avatar
    Can you provide us with facts please? I have made the experience with my  watch series 4 LTE that at the end of the day the watch still shows about 55% plus.
    09-26-2018 04:42 AM
  6. TripleOne's Avatar
    I find my Series 3 to last longer
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    09-26-2018 05:51 AM
  7. PLYHollywood's Avatar
    Series 4 battery life is not very good and is way less than Series 3.
    I agree.
    09-26-2018 08:48 AM
  8. z28marols1's Avatar
    I've noticed a significant battery drop with Watch OS5 on my Series 2 and my new Series 4. It would seem even on standby (not on my wrist) it looses a lot of battery, even in airplane mode. My Series 2 would last me 2 days and I would typically have 15-25% left at the end of day 2. Since updating it would seem neither watch can make it through day 2, let alone have any life left. Last night I put my watch in airplane mode and set it on the nightstand with a little over 60%. Picked it up this morning with 40%. I think there is something going on in watch OS5 keeping the unit running all the time.
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    09-26-2018 11:55 AM
  9. falconeight#IM's Avatar
    I haven’t noticed any difference. I got the watch the first day at 2:00 pm it had 80% battery and always like letting the battery die before I charge it. I set it up and used it at the gym for about an hour and 20 minutes on the second day at 5:00 pm. I was going to sleep at 10:30 pm with 10% left so I turned in the flashlight feature until it died at 10:45pm. I could easily get two full days out of the watch in the same way I did with my 3 series.
    09-26-2018 01:39 PM
  10. Aztek13's Avatar
    So far today, I’ve had 1:45 hours of usage and 13 hours standby and I’m at 75%. I usually take it off the charge around 5am and by bed time (11pm) I’m at 60% still.
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    09-26-2018 04:21 PM
  11. Craig's Avatar
    I have not noticed any difference between my Series 3 and my Series 4. I am normally at 65% to 75% remaining at bedtime.
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    09-26-2018 07:07 PM
  12. jpgti's Avatar
    Sitting at 61% here at 9:30pm after putting the watch on at 9am this morning, many notifications throughout the day and a couple hours at the gym. Definitely not as good as my series 3 was (it would hit the charger with roughly 70% left), but still plenty to make it through the day. I charge it nightly anyway.
    09-26-2018 09:27 PM
  13. mumfoau's Avatar
    All good info. Today is my first full day w/ the series 4. Off the charger at about 06:30.
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    09-27-2018 06:59 AM
  14. PLYHollywood's Avatar
    Mines actually doing better today. I turned the default brightness down. Seems to help.
    09-27-2018 10:34 AM
  15. alengman's Avatar
    I’m usually between 60%-50% by 9pm. That’s when I stick it on the charger and usually put it back on around 3am.
    09-27-2018 03:32 PM
  16. mogelijk's Avatar
    I'm not sure I can really compare well; while my Series 4 does not last as well as my Series 3, my Series 4 is LTE and the 3 was only GPS -- so you'd expect some extra battery use. However, as someone who uses the watch for sleep tracking, when I put the phone on the charger at night (about 2 hours before I go to bed) it is down about 35% now -- my Series 3 would be around 50%.
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    09-28-2018 03:27 PM
  17. Raptor007's Avatar
    My AW S4 took a 20% hit in the first 3 hours of the day, I could go far longer on my AW3 before the update to 5.0, after I did update I was getting hit for about 25-30% for 14 hours use compared to 20% on OS 4
    09-28-2018 08:26 PM
  18. Peaco's Avatar
    Not quite as good as the Series 3 from my experience but still plenty battery to get through the day.

    I’m very satisfied with the battery life of the Series 4.
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    09-29-2018 09:27 PM
  19. salscott's Avatar
    I think it has more to do with ios5 than aw4.....it's a theory because both my wife's 3 and my 4 took a hit with the new software
    09-29-2018 11:02 PM
  20. Aztek13's Avatar
    How’s your battery day to day on the new  watch 4?-09e55bf3-daf2-4606-996a-66402effc092.jpeg
    I never thought I’d get this much use on a single charge. 41 hrs standby and 5:50 usage.
    10-01-2018 12:49 AM
  21. TripleOne's Avatar

    Still at 38%
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    10-01-2018 02:52 AM
  22. anon(6014961)'s Avatar

    Looking good

    I think the battery life on S4 is way better than S3 so far
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    10-01-2018 06:46 AM
  23. Raptor007's Avatar
    Perhaps my initial unit was a bit wonky. My new one doesn't arrive until the end of the month and honestly I really hate a regular watch. I like have the activity tracker, map my walk, myfitnesspal, etc readily accessible. I hope it ships early.
    10-02-2018 08:15 PM
  24. Frehley's Avatar
    Today after I took the watch off of the charger and dressed and went to the grocery store, the AW4 lost 15% in one hour. I came back home and charged it to 100% and then went out and cut the grass...in a half hour it lost 5%. This is the first time is has drained so fast.

    This is the first time that this has happened.

    Anyone else having this issue?
    10-13-2018 12:08 PM
  25. nikkisharif's Avatar
    It’s trash! The battery only last about 13 hours today.
    10-15-2018 09:08 PM
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