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    When I first got my Apple Watch I was excited by the way Apple chose to implement their band system. It was so easy and intuitive and would pave the way for many third-party watch bands much like the case market for iPhone exploded. However, my excitement was quashed when I bought my first third-party link replica which broke after a month of ownership. From that point on I vowed to only buy the official Apple Bands. Now two years later with my Space Black Series 3 I’ve kept that vow, but there may be a ray of light in the dark, step in Clockwork Synergy.

    Clockwork graciously sent me two bands for review; one of their suede bands and the other from the Dapper leather collection. Both bands are of very high quality. The suede feels very soft and the gray looks really good. The suede band has 7 adjustment holes, a perfect fit for small to medium wrists, with no option unfortunately for larger wrist sizes.

    The actual leather band I received is this really nice washed out blue color accented by really nice light blue stitching and the leather feels very high quality, on par with Apple’s leather bands. Some gripes that I’ve seen with Clockworks bands is that the leather is really stiff and takes a while to break in, but I’ve found with the band that I was sent it felt fine on my wrist and didn’t feel very stiff at all. The leather band comes with 8 holes for adjustability.

    The only gripe I would have with both bands is I felt they looked so big on my wrist compared the Apple Leather Classic Buckle. Both bands are of really high quality but for my personal taste they feel way to large when wearing them.

    The really cool thing with Clockwork is that with each band you buy you can customize the adapters to match your specific watch case. They provide 7 options of color matching including stainless steel, brushed steel, brushed gold, yellow gold, rose gold, space grey and PVD black to match those sexy Space Black watches. You also have the additional option of matching the buckle color as well which is awesome as I know that’s a major complaint of Apple’s leather bands is not being able to get matching adapters.

    To wrap up this review I can say that I’d definitely recommend these bands for anyone looking for a nice alternative to Apple’s admittedly expensive leather options. Clockwork also has 14 categories of different watch bands so if leather isn’t something you want they also have some very awesome Nato Nylon bands and silicone bands, so there’s something for everyone.

    To get your very own blue washed leather band check it out here or if you're feeling like the suede.

    If those don't suit your fancy well then click here for the slew of awesome watchbands!
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