1. Jude526's Avatar
    Have not had this problem before. I haven't worn my watch my 4 days. I have been under the weather
    Turn on today and battery at 66%. It was off so I don't understand why it was at 66%. I had charged prior to turning off and it was 100% charged. Why would it be 66% when haven't used?
    08-03-2017 02:04 PM
  2. gordol's Avatar
    Probably because it's never completely off. The power-on command is just that, a command. It's not a physical switch like your house lights, it's a software switch waiting for a signal.
    08-03-2017 05:08 PM
  3. Jude526's Avatar
    It's off completely
    08-03-2017 06:18 PM
  4. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    As long as a battery is connected to the contacts it will always drain a little bit of battery. Turning off a device uses more power than you would think as does turning it back on. I have the original Apple Watch and I’ve seen the battery level drain 10% just by restarting it. It would be nice if it didn’t drain if it wasn’t actually running anything, but that’s unfortunately a limitation of current battery technology.
    08-03-2017 07:07 PM
  5. Jude526's Avatar
    This is the only time have seen it happen. It usually is 100% when I turn it on
    08-04-2017 03:05 AM
  6. doogald's Avatar
    May have been just a glitch. Meaning that it may not have been 100% when it said it was.

    Also, batteries do drain over time when they are not being used or charged. Since I'm not sure how large the AW battery is, not sure if a 25%-30% drain in four days is likely or not. I'd think not, but it would explain some of the battery drain.
    08-04-2017 08:38 AM
  7. Jude526's Avatar
    Never happened before
    08-04-2017 01:07 PM
  8. Sherry_B's Avatar
    Devices like the watch and cell phones are never completely off. They are just in a suspended state and will always use a little bit of battery. I have several Android devices, two tablets, an Apple watch, a few iPods and an iPhone. Every one of them use a small amount of battery when powered off.
    08-04-2017 04:56 PM
  9. Jude526's Avatar
    Hmmm cause I don't notice that
    08-04-2017 08:00 PM
  10. doogald's Avatar
    Never happened before
    Which is the definition of a glitch - "a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment."
    08-05-2017 09:41 AM
  11. Sherry_B's Avatar
    Hmmm cause I don't notice that
    Do a Google search for Lithium-ion batteries and research it yourself. It's a well known documented fact that they lose a bit of power even when they aren't put into a device. You can charge a lithium-ion battery to full, pull it out of the device and set it on a table and it will lose a bit of power ever day. That's just how it is with this type of battery. Albeit, they may not lose as much as what you're reporting (a possible glitch or a bad battery), but they do lose power.
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    08-05-2017 01:41 PM
  12. Conrad368's Avatar
    Even you switch off the device battery go down. Check this in another device
    08-29-2017 07:45 AM

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