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    Hello Rene!

    I'm a pretty tech-savvy Apple nerd, but I've experienced something lately that has me stumped...

    I've noticed that at certain moments (not everyday), my 1st Gen Apple Watch makes a "chirp" sound as if it is trying to notify me of something. But when I look at my watch face, it just shows my standard watch face with no notification. Also, my watch is set to silent, but it still makes this chirp at times. As strange as it may seem, I've noticed that it does it most frequently when I'm washing my hands while wearing my watch. Maybe that's a coincidence, but it's something I've noticed.

    Any idea what this "chirp" is supposed to be telling me? I'm stumped.

    Thanks for your help!
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    05-04-2017 08:56 AM
  2. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    Aww your watch is becoming a bird!!
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    05-04-2017 08:58 AM
  3. Twenty7delta's Avatar
    Mine is also set to silent but if I press the large button twice, slowly, from a dark face it will do that chirp. They have to be far enough apart to not trigger Apple Pay

    Maybe that's what's happening? Sometimes I notice that I have been working on something with my hand pronated flexed back. Especially when I'm wearing gloves
    06-06-2017 09:30 AM

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