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    Apple Watch in a multi WiFi base and multi frequency environment and making it work.

    I have read all I can find about this, and tried all the suggestions, non worked. There is little info available. Below is my testing and solution.

    I have 2 WiFi routers, one in the roof with 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz, and one at the front of the house 2.4Ghz

    I want the iPhone to use 5.8Ghz and we know the watch doesn't do that, but on the same network as the 5.8Ghz I have 2 other 2.4Ghz options, one on the same router one on the Cable Modem.

    The issue is that the if I enter all the passwords for all the options in the iPhone the phone will nearly always pick the 2.4Ghz first as it goes further. If you delete the passwords for the 2.4Ghz option from the phone, the Apple watch willalso delete them. I have read and triedallthe work arounds for this and it happens every time. Even if you turn off Key chain it must remove the passwords from the watch via the BT connection.

    The solution

    I enter all the passwords for all the signals, 2.4 and 5.8 into the phone. these are transfered to the watch. I then set up MAC filtering on the routers to block the iPhone accessing the 2.4Ghz signals and only allow it to access the 5.8Ghz.

    The phone will always choose 5.8Ghz and because you haven't deleted the 2.4Ghz passwords the watch will use any of the 2.4 signals it chooses.
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    01-01-2017 06:24 AM
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    01-01-2017 07:44 AM
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    This is exactly how I did this too.

    Thanks for sharing with us and I sincerely hope a lot of people will find this useful.
    01-01-2017 10:29 AM

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