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  1. BrandonB's Avatar
    Hello and thank you for taking the time to address this question.

    My Apple Watch Series 2 produces very faint, (Internal)
    "static buzz," "High pitched/frequency," "Clicks," and or "CPU whining"
    sounds, that are very similar to the sound a television makes when it is on mute, or lightbulbs/ fluorescent lights.

    The sounds are still present when "Silent mode" is on or off, it makes no difference. Same applies for "Airplane mode."

    I have unpaired and restored. The sounds are still present.
    I have set up as a new watch. The sounds are still present
    I have reset, and restarted numerous times.
    These strange sounds do not seem to be coming from the speaker. More of an internal sound most prominent when holding screen (front) or sensors (back) against ear like a "headphone."

    Is this normal for Apple Watches?
    Does your Apple Watch sound like this?
    I listened to a friend's New Series 1 (not series 0) and the sounds were not audible.
    Most likely a visit to the Apple Store will be in the near future. But I'd love to hear some of your feedback first.

    Thank you.
    Last edited by BrandonB; 11-17-2016 at 08:27 PM.
    11-14-2016 02:28 PM
  2. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    I have all of the series of Apple Watches and none of them have the sound you are describing. I would recommend heading to the Genius Bar to have them take a look/replace your Apple Watch.
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    11-14-2016 03:01 PM
  3. Mac Guy's Avatar
    Does your Apple Watch Series 2 sound like an old tube television when holding it against you ear?
    Yes! I can hear the theme to My Favorite Martian. Sometimes I just hear the ocean.

    No, I don't hear any sound from my AWS2 or Apple Watches that I'm not supposed to. You're just listening wrong. Get thee to a Genius Bar (or the new equivalent).
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    11-16-2016 04:11 AM
  4. BrandonB's Avatar
    (The sound was confirmed, and considered ab-normal.)
    I went to the Apple Store. I spent some time with an Apple "Genius." Described the systematic auditory pattern, to which they confirmed, "I hear it, it's not in your head." We then discussed the original "Independence Day" movie. Had a few laughs about ones mental state. And thankfully I was still within the 15 day return policy, so they magically produced a most coveted replacement, which does not make any unexpected static clicks, pops, hmms, or buzzes. Now if I could just fix the voices. Ha ha. If your watch is producing strange sounds you probably need to visit the apple store too.

    (Thank you bamf-hacker and Mac Guy for the replies and support.)
    11-17-2016 12:34 PM
  5. tcuprof's Avatar
    Good to hear. Or not hear as the case may be.
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    11-17-2016 02:24 PM
  6. Mac Guy's Avatar
    Congratulations! It's interesting to read that some people get a new Watch on the spot while others get theirs sent out for repair.
    11-18-2016 03:42 AM
  7. tcuprof's Avatar
    I'm guessing he got a replacement because his watch was in the 15 day return window.
    11-18-2016 02:02 PM

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