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    First post. My set-up is an iPhone 6+, a 2015 Apple Watch Sport, and an Apple Watch Sport series 2. All software always is the most recent available.

    The series 2 is my main watch, especially after the release of Watch OS 3.1, which has nearly doubled the time the battery lasts to 55 hours. I wear the old one while the series 2 is recharged.

    I am old and have problems with arthritis, which causes some days to be quite bad. Hence I have set a fairly low daily activity goal, about 1/3 of the first suggestion by the Activity app. Most days, though, I manage to achive 400%+ of the set daily goal.

    Monday October 31st the Activity app didnít show the emblem for 100%, whereas the emblems for 200%, 300%, and 400% showed correctly. Clicking the 100% emblem told that my unbroken streak of achieving my set goal had stopped on October 30th.

    Not nice, as I am vain enough to let the strain being unbroken. The Apple Watches actually have been major factors in motivating me to overcome my problems with exercizing.

    Yesterday November 1st saw the same problem. No 100%, while the other percentage emblems displayed correctly.

    This Wednesday morning I looked back on the page for Monday, which was now correct, while Tuesday still missed the 100% emblem.

    As far as I can see, there is no way I can have caused this error myself. Neither I can see any way I myself can correct this error.

    What to do?

    Klaus in DK (my iOS version is in Danish, so some of my tech terms in English may be wrong)
    11-02-2016 01:31 AM

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