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    About a year ago I purchased an aluminum body (gold) 42mm Apple watch. It had been paired with my previous iPhone, a 6+. Activated my new 7+ on Verizon, updated it to v. 10.0.3, and paired it with the watch (which has v. 3.0). All was well until this afternoon I saw that my battery level was at 10% around 4:30pm–which is very unusual, because consistently the watch's battery would be at 60% at midnight. It went through the usual workload I typically give it. I the put it into power saving mode; remembering that I had a similar issue right after I purchased the watch, I did what Apple had recommended to do at that time–un-paired the watch, with intent to pair it again once I got home and charged it some. Once at home, with the watch at 40% charge, I attempted to pair it with the iPhone 7+, with no success. I powered down (& then powered on again) the watch, then reset the phone, with no results. The only other different thing is that I have the watch orientation is digital crown on the left rather than the right - tried pairing upside-down as well as right side up. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    10-24-2016 11:08 PM

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