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    Pad&Quill Classic Leather Band

    Classic meets modern.

    Pad&Quill, as always, beautifully combines luxury and technology in a way few others can do. Since it is just simply a band for a watch, it would be hard to call this a review. Instead, we will call this, JCs Stream of Consciousness about this Classic Leather Band from Pad&Quill.

    The Look

    This is a watch band. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Pad&Quill calls this their Classic Leather Band and for good reason. There is a very classic look and feel to it, which honestly, looks awesome. I received the British Tan color which is essentially a light brown, almost caramel (how do you pronounce it?) color. I have the 42mm Apple Watch stainless steel version and this color combination is nothing short of gorgeous. The shiny, albeit now slightly scuffed, metal is beautifully complimented by the tan leather. The band that I received had a black buckle and lugs which truthfully was just fine for me. Even though it wasnt the same color as the casing, the black metal was a wonderful compliment to the silver. Im also not one of those people who constantly stares at my wrist to study every single detail that is there so the black didnt bother me at all. This color combo also goes pretty great with just about everything in my wardrobe.

    The leather is also complimented well by the stitching. The stitching is a black, UV resistant thread that rounds out the classic look. Pad&Quill prides themselves on making hand crafted products and one place where that really shows is in the stitching. Not that it looks bad or sloppy at all. Quite the opposite. Being able to see first hand the expert craftsmanship that went into this band is a really nice thing to have especially in something as seemingly simple as a watch band. It really gives the feeling that this band belongs with this watch.

    As further proof of the handcrafted workmanship, each artisan personally initials their product. Mine was made by an artisan named BC and the fact that the artisan was willing to attach their name to their work really shows how much care and effort they put into making it. I can truly say that I have a handcrafted, luxury band for my Apple Watch. Something I cant even say about Apples own watch bands.

    Lastly, as with all leather, this band will wear over time. After wearing it every day for a month, it started to show some of the beautiful weathered color that leather is known for. I cant wait to see how it looks after 6 months.

    The Feel

    The band is made out of soft-tumbled Full Grain leather and all that means essentially is that this thing feels goooooood. Its not quite the softest leather youve ever felt, but thats good because its more durable. It still feels great against your wrist. It never pulled my hair or caused any discomfort what-so-ever. Yes it is leather so it will take you a little while to break it in, but once its there, mmmmmmmmmmm.

    Theres plenty of holes in the band so youll easily be able to fit it to your wrist and I believe they even just made a new, longer strap for the 42mm size. I have small wrists so I didnt have to worry about it, but if youre He Man, then that might be good to know.

    Worth It?

    Absolutely! Ive worn a few different bands with my Apple Watch and this one is by far my favorite. Its also the one that Ive worn the longest and thats not by accident or laziness. I really like this watch band and Ill wear it as long as I can. Its certainly not the cheapest at $99 but in my opinion, its far better than Apples own bands which are $150. The other great thing is you can customize the color leather that you want, with the color of metal lugs and buckle that you want. Apple doesnt offer that option.

    Basically, if you want a beautiful, handcrafted leather watch band, get this one.

    Do it.

    Do it right now.

    Ill make it easy for you. Heres the website:

    Classic Leather Band for Apple Watch by Pad & Quill

    Which color did you get?
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    09-26-2016 11:36 PM
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    Classic hits it right on the mark. I'm jelly. IMHO, it really elevates the look of your Watch and puts it in that classic league that certain watches attain for me when they show a high level of unpretentious styling. And even in the pictures and vid it just oozes class... Kinda like you, JC.
    09-27-2016 09:26 AM
  3. James Falconer's Avatar
    @jcstek - great review!!
    09-27-2016 01:14 PM
  4. afctee's Avatar
    ...how long did it take from order to delivery (I watch the video, but didn't read the post)?
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    09-30-2016 11:29 AM
  5. bigtruck1369's Avatar
    Great review, thanks!
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    01-11-2017 09:55 AM
  6. Jason Cockerham's Avatar
    ...how long did it take from order to delivery (I watch the video, but didn't read the post)?
    Sorry for the late response lol, but I would allow about a week until you have the band in hand.
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    04-01-2017 02:59 PM

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