1. 0pusX's Avatar
    Other than a different band, what is the difference between the series 2 and the Nike + model?
    09-16-2016 07:01 PM
  2. eyecrispy's Avatar
    I think the nike+ model will have a few Nike watch faces and the Nike+ software embedded. I'm not sure if the Nike+ software will be available for the other watched. It was not clear during the keynote.

    I, for one, preordered the Nike+ model bc I'm a big runner.
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    09-16-2016 08:19 PM
  3. Suggs68's Avatar
    With the exception of the bands and a couple of Nike watch faces, they're exactly the same. And the Nike Run app is available for the other versions of the watch too.
    09-16-2016 08:25 PM
  4. afctee's Avatar
    I just hope at some stage Apple\Nike sell the JUST the bands!!!
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    09-17-2016 07:02 AM
  5. phreddyl's Avatar
    I just hope at some stage Apple\Nike sell the JUST the bands!!!
    I would think they will. Hermes bands can be purchased separately plus if you bought the Nike one you might like more than one of the bands as well
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    09-17-2016 07:05 AM
  6. Mikeglo's Avatar
    I just hope they eventually offer just the watch with regular bands.. that's not something I'd want to wear to the office daily
    09-18-2016 01:20 AM

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